Summary of the situation report bulletin (1/2017) published online

The summer is full of different congresses. One of those already held, on 5–9 June in Hangzhou, China, was the annual BioEM conference (BioEM2017) on electromagnetic fields. This year, the event features included different workshops on topical issues. Short abstracts for the presentations held at the conference are available online.

The Finnish radiation legislation in currently being revised. The new radiation act has been circulated for comments but will not, as far as I know, come into force until 1 January 2018. Also, work has progressed on the preparation of other regulations. The decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health on restricting public exposure to non-ionizing radiation is currently being circulated for comments until 14 August. This will be followed up in the next bulletins.

I have found some interesting scientific publications for this bulletin. The first paper discusses the association between childhood leukemia and environmental exposure, including but not limited to electromagnetic fields. It was interesting to find that research has been carried out in respect of other environmental factors as well.

The next paper focuses not only on extremely low-frequency but also on intermediate-frequency electromagnetic fields. A few years ago, the issue was raised at different conferences that no research had been conducted on intermediate-frequency fields so far. That situation seems to have changed now.

As many times before, the bulletin concludes with papers on occupational exposure. This time there are two of them, dealing with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and central nervous system disease.

Hope you enjoy reading this summary in English!

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