Summary of the situation report bulletin (2/2016) published online

In December, an “International Workshop on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection” (2016 NICT/ICNIRP WS) was organized by ICNIRP in Tokyo, Japan. The main focus of this event was on radio-frequency electromagnetic fields. As regards extremely low-frequency fields, I am not aware of any international events of particular interest having taken place in the fall.

As to my knowledge, guidelines and standards are being produced, both nationally and internationally, in relation to the Directive 2013/35/EU on the “minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from physical agents (electromagnetic fields)”, and the same applies to the Finnish Government Decree on the protection of workers from risks related to electromagnetic fields.

I have once again found some interesting publications for this bulletin. The first papers discuss the exposure of children to magnetic fields, with results, for example, from France and Italy.

In Germany, an interesting approach was adopted to investigate how far a high-voltage power line should be located for it to be accepted and considered safe. The paper suggests that the way information is provided has an impact.

Towards the end of the bulletin, there is a paper on a topic that reaches beyond what we usually discuss here. It deals with the safety and interaction of patients with implantable cardiac defibrillators driving a hybrid vehicle.

Hope you enjoy reading this summary in English!

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