Two new articles and two technical brochures published

The first article, Low Frequency Magnetic Fields Inside Cars by Rauno Pääkkönen and Leena Korpinen is published in Radiation Protection Dosimetry, Volume 187, Issue 2, December 2019, Pages 268–271.

The second article, Effect of Electric and Magnetic Fields on Operation of Insulin Pumps under 400 kV Power Lines by Leena Korpinen, Rauno Pääkkönen and Mika Penttilä is published in Radioprotection, volume 55, Number 1, Mars 2020, Page(s) 51 – 54.

New Technical Brochures:

McVey Mark et al. 2020: Guidelines for safe work methods in substations. Working group B3.46, Technical Brochures 805, Cigre, June 2020.

Hart James et al. 2020: Responsible management of electric and magnetic fields (EMF). Working group C3.19, Technical Brochures 806. Cigre, June 2020.

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