Three new articles published

The first article, Near Retirement Age ( ≥ 55 Years) Self-Reported Physical Symptoms and Use of Computers/Mobile Phones at Work and at Leisure by Korpinen L, Pääkkönen R and Gobba F, is published in Healthcare, October 2017, 5(4), 71;

The second article, Measuring Occupational Exposure to Extremely Low-Frequency Electric Fields at 220 kV Substations by Pirkkalainen H, Heiskanen T, Tonteri J, Elovaara J, Penttila M and Korpinen L is published in Radiation Protection Dosimetry, November 2017, Vol. 176, No. 4, pp. 400–403;

The third article, Self-reported wrist and finger symptoms associated with other physical/mental symptoms and use of computers/mobile phones by Korpinen L, Pääkkönen R and Gobba F is published in International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics 2018, Vol 24, 2018 – Issue 1, pp. 82-90;

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