Summary of the situation report bulletin (1/2019) published online

During the process of compiling this issue of the Situation Report Bulletin, I took part in the annual joint meeting of the Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS) and the European Bioelectromagnetics Association (EBEA). The BioEM2019 conference, held June 23–28 in Montpellier, France, presented a wide range of interesting studies on electric and magnetic fields. More information can be found on the conference website.

According to the website of ICNIRP, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation, the Commission is holding its 9th workshop on non-ionizing radiation in South Korea in May next year.

Once again, I have found new scientific publications of interest for this bulletin. The bulletin starts with papers on the possible association between power lines and childhood leukemia. One of the studies investigates whether there have been changes over time in the reported risk of childhood leukemia associated with magnetic fields, while another focuses on the association of parental occupational exposures and the risk of childhood acute leukemia.

Occupational exposures are discussed in two more papers, with the first one dealing with the effect of chronic exposure to extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields on sleep quality, stress, depression, and anxiety. The second one reports on a pooled study, with data from three different countries, exploring the associations of occupational exposure to extremely low-frequency magnetic fields and electric shocks with the risk of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Hope you enjoy reading this summary in English!

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