Summary of the situation report bulletin (1/2022) published online

I remotely attended the BioEM2022 conference organized for June 19–24, 2022, in Nagoya, Japan, by the BioEM Society. In addition to the scientific program, the conference discussed the activities of the new BioEM Society that was created by merging the EBEA and BEMS into one society. I attended the BioEM Society’s General Assembly. A number of projects are already up and running, including the launch of the BioEM website; the plan is to continue developing the website.

The ICNIRP Mini-Symposium was also held in Japan on June 19, 2022, which I also attended remotely. The event mainly focused on frequency ranges other than those in the electric power system. The slides presented at the event are available for download on the ICNIRP website.

Once again, I have found some fascinating scientific articles for this new bulletin. The bulletin starts with two articles that discuss magnetic fields and childhood leukemia. The first article explores whether the pesticides used in plant nurseries could affect research results. I don’t think I have seen an approach like this before. Occupational issues are again discussed towards the end of the bulletin.

Hope you enjoy reading this summary in English!

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